Session 1: June 15-20
violin, viola, cello, piano, flute, harp

Session 2: June 22-27
violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, voice, guitar

Registration Opens Feb 1st

Come join us in the Mountains this summer!

June 15-27, 2015

For advanced string players


We are delighted that you have chosen to participate in the fun and motivation of this Institute. Our goal is to provide you with an enriching musical experience in a supportive family atmosphere that will motivate each of us to reach for higher goals. With your help and the help of our excellent faculty, we will reach this goal.
The Colorado Suzuki Institute is celebrating our 21st year and our 9th summer in Beaver Creek! Since 1994, when we first moved the institute from Denver to the mountains, things have certainly changed. We’ve grown from 625 students that first year to over 1,400 every year, representing 10 countries from around the world. One week of institute blossomed into two in 1996. Since 1995 our scholarship fund has made it possible for more than 375 teachers and students to share this Colorado music experience, and in 1999 the Colorado Suzuki Institute started “traveling” in the form of donated instruments and music going out to the far corners of the world. Besides all of this, over the last 20 years the Rocky Mountains have echoed with literally thousands of twinkles.
It is a delight and privilege to share the Suzuki experience with you here in Colorado and I encourage you, students, parents, and teachers, to soak up the treasures of these weeks and carry them with you throughout the upcoming year. The last 21 years have brought many changes to all of our lives, and the next year will as well, but the music we make and the memories we will take with us will remain.
Again, I welcome you and thank you for making this brief time such a delight for all of us.
Viva Suzuki!
Gail Seay, Executive Director


This fall, E.A. was my only student for whom practicing was not an issue.  His mother believes the Suzuki Institute has a lot to do with his interest in practicing.  He is my only student who attends a Suzuki Institute each summer.

Ft. Wayne, IN

C.C. practiced her 2,000th consecutive day in December.  She made her first promise to play every day at the Colorado Suzuki Institute when she was 7!!

Madison, WI


The Comforts of Stuff

It’s not just our instruments that we need. Think about all the stuff that  makes our practice more efficient and easier. Tuners, metronomes, stands,  pencils, music, recordings, audio and video recorders and players…the  list goes on. Keeping it old school At home I love a tuning fork, a wind up metronome, and my stereo and turntable.Read More

Review for the intermediate to advanced student

Colorado Suzuki Institute is coming up and you want to sound great and be prepared for the play-ins and group classes, right? Of course! But once we are farther along in the books, it can be difficult to hold “Review-a-thon’s” and cover everything in one practice session. Here are some ideas to help you reviewRead More